Meet the Artist

Family. Inspiration. Joy. Music. Gratitude. Travel. Passion. God. Laughter. Tulips. Rolled Tacos.... are some of my favorite things, not in any particular order. I love capturing the beauty of our everyday true lives, creating artwork and freezing those precious moments in time. With a unique and artistic interpretation of the world around us, my passion and drive is to create completely customized artwork to celebrate those special moments in our lives! I am honored to be the first in the industry to capture images on-location at events, venues, homes and businesses to create truly unique and personalized Alphabet Artwork. TLC’s artwork features images captured all around the world. Collaborating with others to create thoughtful and customized art is my absolute dream, and I am so thankful to be living it! I would love to hear from you about any projects you have in mind, artwork you want designed, feedback or inquiries about my services and products.